Sonar Worlds – Rochester Yacht Club

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Sonar Worlds – Shoreham Youth Team

I recently had the pleasure of photographing the Shoreham Youth Team at Shoreham Sailing Club. The youth team are a mix of youngsters from different sailing clubs including both Sussex Yacht Club and Shoreham Sailing Club. In September this year they are off to compete in the Sonar Worlds in Rochester, USA.

So, a group of teenagers from Shoreham will be competing against some of the best sailors in the world in the US. Personally I think this is a fabulous opportunity for them and wish them the best of luck ! As part of their training they will be training with the British Olympic Team in Weymouth at the sailing facility used in the Olympics last year.

They are all keen sailors and spend their spare time (when they are not studying for exams or working) helping out and teaching on the sailing courses run by Sussex Yacht Club. I know they are all really excited about heading off to the States in September and as part of their preparations they needed to put together a short CV each about themselves and their sailing experience with photos added ! As well as photographing each of them individually we took the opportunity to photograph them as a team to get some photographs that can be used on promotional material and to help raise the sponsorship money needed to support the team while they are in the US.

This is one of my favourite photographs of the session 🙂

Sonar Worlds


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