Painshill Park

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Painshill Park – Helena & Andy

It was great to meet Helena & Andy recently at Painshill Park for a location portrait session. The first date we had arranged we had to postpone because of the really awful weather that we had earlier this year. I must admit I’m really glad that we did because the day that we did meet up was just about perfect. Being a few weeks later more of the spring flowers had come out and the trees were green !

Painshill Park is a beautiful location and I think I could quite happily spend a day just wandering around it with a picnic ūüôā If you do want to book a location portrait session somewhere it is worth checking on any restrictions on professional photography. For Painshill Park we needed a photography permit and this is the same for most National Trust properties that we work at.

Helena & Andy love Painshill Park and it is lovely to photography people in a place that they feel “connected” to. We spent a few hours walking round some of their favourite spots and getting some great photographs of them together. The Hon. Charles Hamilton created Painshill Park to be a living work of art. He was inspired by¬¨‚ĆRenaissance¬¨‚Ćand contemporary art as well as his visits to Italy, he wanted it to be a garden of “moods” creating a romantic landscape and I think that he certainly fulfilled this goal. It does seem strange to think of someone planting a garden and creating a landscape that he knew would not reach its full potential in his lifetime. He really was planting for future generations and we are lucky enough to reap the benefits of his vision.

Anyway, these are just a few of the photographs of Helena & Andy.

Painshill Park - Andy

Painshill Park

Painshill Park

Painshill Park Bluebells

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