Baby Photographer

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Baby Photographer

As a baby photographer you need to have a bit of patience 🙂 As any new mum knows babies don’t fall asleep to order ! I have had great fun in the studio photographing newborn babies recently. I do think they look so beautiful with that newborn look, when they still look a little bit scrunched up and sleeping peacefully.

When we book a newborn baby session it is the only thing that we book for that day. This means that we can take as long as it needs to settle the baby before we begin to photograph them (sometimes this can take a couple of hours !). We have full nappy changing facilities here with a stock of spare nappies and baby wipes; we can also keep you topped up with tea, coffee or cold drinks while you sit and relax and watch us working.

Being a baby photographer means that I get the chance to cuddle lots of babies. Phoebe came in to see us recently and as you can see from the photograph she isn’t that old…. she turned up a bit early and was quite tiny but had lots of dark hair.

Anyway, I thought I would share this photograph of her 🙂

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