Lightroom 6.2 / Lightroom CC 2015.2

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So, Adobe have released their latest version of Lightroom and the one major change has to be with the import dialog box. Yes, they have had problems with it crashing but these have now been resolved.

The new version of the import dialog box does look VERY different but don’t worry, your options are still there but it does look different !

When you first click on the Import button from the Library module you will be presented with the following screen :

Screenshot 2015-10-12 11.57.28

This is just a very different view on the options you used to have… If you have a card plugged in then you need to select the “card” option… the one real change here is that you can’t automatically eject the card after importing the images. This means that you will need to go into Finder (on a Mac) or Explorer (on a PC) and manually eject it. Personally I have had more problems on a Mac if I don’t eject a card properly and just remove it than I have had on a PC so I am always quite careful to make sure the cards are ejected before I remove them.

Once you have selected the source for your import you will be presented with a screen on thumbnails and the initial panic is “Where are all my options !!” Don’t worry, they are still there, you just have to find them…

Screenshot 2015-10-12 11.58.12

At the top righthand side of the screen is a little gear icon. If you click on it all your options will be revealed :

Screenshot 2015-10-12 11.58.44

As you can see you still have your options to decide WHERE you want to put your images and how you want to arrange them, you can still add your copyright info from your present and you can still set up and use your import presets (something I use a lot !) as well as making the second copy to a different location…

So, what has changed ?? If I’m honest, apart from the look and feel that is now very different, not an awful lot has changed. Things are in different places and we have lost one useful tool (the auto-eject) but I do think in a few weeks time we would have all forgotten the fuss that there has been over this change. It was more of a major change than we were expecting in a “minor” release but it certainly isn’t a show-stopper.

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