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Newborn Photography – it isn’t always what it seems !

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I love photographing babies. They are so cute when they are asleep and all scrunched up….. but sometimes a photo can be deceptive !

Quite often when we arrive at someones house or they arrive at the studio the baby is anything but the cute, calm, sleeping baby that you see in the photographs. As I’m sure all new parents appreciate newborn babies have a very well developed set of lungs and will use them to let you know that they want something ! This is where as a photographer I have to be flexible. Babies are just little tiny people and they are all different. In the same way that as adults we all have different likes and dislikes then babies will like and dislike different things as well…. and the only way they can let you know is by using their well developed lungs !

Some babies really fight going to sleep, others really don’t like being undressed… but none of this should mean we can’t get some gorgeous photos of them 🙂

These are a few photos taken from two recent newborn sessions; Brooke really didn’t like being undressed and Theo wasn’t so keen on sleep, although he did eventually succumb !

If, at the first session things really don’t work out (after all everyone has days when they just don’t feel right and babies are no exception) we would reschedule another day and time at no additional cost.

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