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Filming for The Photographer Academy – Newborns

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Well, recently I had the “pleasure” of being filmed for The Photographer Academy ! This was to make a series of training films for photographers on how to photograph newborn babies. I must admit it was quite a strange feeling having someone filming me in the studio while I was working…. I tried hard to remember to talk to the camera about what I was doing and why but I know when I start working I focus on what I’m doing and tend to cut out everything else round me…

I had a rather gorgeous baby, Amelia, to photograph and for once I didn’t have to deal with any of the accidents that almost inevitably occur when you remove a babies nappy !

The films will cover everything from the lighting I use, how I set it up, the props, working with a baby and right through the editing process. Sam (the cameraman) was with me for two days and I must admit I will be interested to see the films that he makes from those two days, the hardest part for me was the introduction and it took quite a few takes before I managed to get it right. At the end of the two days it did seem a bit easier !

Anyway, these are just a couple of the photos from the Newborn session. For the photographers who read this they were both taken on the Sony A7II with the Zeiss 24-70 lens 🙂

Newborn Worthing

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