Bluebird K3 on Lake Maggiore

Bluebird K3 returns to Lake Maggiore

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Sir Malcolm Campbell’s world record breaking boat, Bluebird K3, has once again run on Lake Maggiore, Switzerland 80 years after it’s last record breaking run.

Bluebird K3, owned and driven by Karl Foulkes-Halbard, was taken to Switzerland to take part in the “Luci e Ombre” festival in Locarno and took to the water on Friday evening July 6th.

After years of restoration bringing the boat back into full working order and months of planning the crowds were once again able to see this historic boat run on water.

During it’s ten runs over the 1km course the boat achieved a speed of 52mph in very choppy conditions. Karl Foulkes-Halbard said “We did a total of 10 runs, with increasing chop towards the end of the session. The boat ran very well, with all temperature readings as normal and made for an exhilarating ride, a unique experience for the pilot. It was all about achieving the vision and dream of my father, Paul, of running K3 on Lake Maggiore again and I’m the second person in history to pilot the boat on this lake after Sir Malcolm Campbell.”

It was amazing to be part of the team and to be photographing this historic boat as it ran again on Lake Maggiore. Working abroad is always interesting and I’ll be writing more about that later, this is a very short clip of Bluebird K3 running again 🙂

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