Photos in the Bluebells

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There is something very English about bluebell woods in the spring and we are really lucky to have some amazing bluebell woods very local to us here. As well as getting out and photographing clients amongst the bluebells I was also able to get out with my grand-daughter and take a few photos of her 🙂

Being a grandparent really is wonderful. You get all the good bits without the sleep depravation, tantrums and washing ! At the end of the day you get to say good night and know that you are going to get a good nights sleep after enjoying the smiles and giggles all day.

Anyway, these are just a couple of the photos that I took of Clara amongst the bluebells….

portrait bluebells-2

For the photographers that are reading this these were both taken with the Sony A7R2 and the Zeiss Baths 85mm lens (still my favourite combination for portraits !)

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