The Societies Convention 2017

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Well, I’m back and catching up on everything after The Societies Annual Photographic Convention. This is Europes largest annual photographic convention and I had the pleasure of presenting four different masterclasses over the week that it was on. I really love meeting other photographers and finding out a bit about what they do. For 90% of the time we all work on our own and this is a great opportunity to meet up with people. both to catch up with old friends and make new ones. I do think that I learn as much from chatting at the bar to people as I do in the classes (and yes, you can never stop learning !)

As well as meeting up with other photographers this is a brilliant opportunity to catch up with suppliers and to look at the new products they have launched. It was great to see our Album Company (Album Epoca) come over from Italy and to be able to see the new products they will be launching this year. One thing I love about them is that everything they do has been properly researched and tested so I know when I sell their albums to my clients they will be the highest possible quality.

It was also wonderful to see both Zeiss and Sony exhibiting. As you know if you read my blog I made the switch to the Sony A7 range of cameras a couple of years ago. If you ask most photographers what they use they will say either Nikon or Canon but I believe in using the best cameras for the job for what I do and I really do believe that at the moment Sony have the edge… especially when you couple these with the Zeiss lenses you end up with a cracking combination !

Permajet had very kindly provided sample packs for everyone that attended my talks and I ran out of these ! I know they were very busy on their stand. Although I love the way that you can view your images on phones/tablets etc now I still do believe that you can get better quality and really see what the photo should look like in a print…… and for anyone reading this that can’t remember the papers I use most they are the Portrait Rag, FB distinction and the Photo Art Silk 🙂

I did also make some time to go out and do some night photography with some friends (both old and new !). We went down to the Thames near the Millenium Bridge to have a play. It was FREEZING ! Luckily I had managed to squeeze a light weight tripod in to my suitcase but this is one of those times when a weightier tripod would have been better….

Anyway, I really need to go and carry on catching up with the emails and follow ups… as well as tidy up the notes that I have promised to everyone that attended my talks so these are some of the photos I took on my night walk 🙂






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