Nymans Garden Wedding

Nymans Gardens Wedding – Kirsty and David

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On Saturday we photographed Kirsty and Davids wedding. They held their ceremony at Nymans Gardens and then headed off to Jeremy’s restaurant at Borde Hill Gardens for their reception. We were really lucky with the weather, just a few spots of rain during the afternoon, and luckily this was after their outdoor ceremony had finished !

After the ceremony, while the guests headed off to the reception, we had some tim to photograph Kirsty and David amongst the ruins at Nymans. We then headed to Balcombe Viaduct for a few more photos before catching up with everyone else at the reception.

It was really lovely to have this time alone with the Bride and Groom and it also gave them the chance to spend some time alone together on their wedding day 🙂

These are just a couple of the photographs that I took.

Nymans Garden Wedding

Balcombe Viaduct Wedding


Both of these photos were taken using the Sony A7II with the Zeiss 24-70 lens. Both were lit using off-camera flash – The Sony flash units (HVL-F60M); one was used on-camera purely as a trigger and Phill was holding the other one for me to light the couple.

The first photo was taken in the ruins at Nymans Gardens and the second at Balcombe Viaduct 🙂


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