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The next step on my Sony Adventure !

Yesterday I travelled up to the NEC for the Photography Show; this is one of the few times each year when you get get your hands on the new kit available and see what it does, how it works and try some different lenses etc 🙂 As I’m sure most people realise I’ve been using the sony A7s alongside my Canon 5dmk3 for a while now and have been loving it. It has replaced my Canon 5dmk2 and 70-200 lens combination at weddings and I have been finding more and more that I’m using it for my studio and location work as well. It is absolutely superb in low light and the only problem I’ve had is that at times I’ve wanted two of them…..

Sony have a range of different options in their A7 range to suit different types of photography and have recently released the A7II. This is still a full frame sensor camera but has 24 megapixels compared to the 12 megapixels of the A7s. With everything there is always a plus side and a minus side… although it has more megapixels it isn’t as good in low light (max practical ISO 3200 – about the same as the 5dMK3) but it does have 5 axis image stabilisation in the camera body so in theory you should be able to use slower shutter speeds and still get good images. They also had a VERY good offer at the show if you happened to buy one…. So, I now have a Sony A7II on order to work alongside my A7s. The plan at this point is to switch completely over to Sony if the camera performs as well as I think it will. Being a cautious person I will be using it alongside my Canon 5dMk3 and doing some side by side tests to compare the two but I’m actually quite excited about it. With the new lenses that Sony have announced I really do think for me this will be the way forward 🙂

It was also really helpful to meet Michael Wayne Plant, one of Sony’s Ambassadors, who actually uses the cameras on a day to day basis to chat through some of the practicalities of setting up the focus system and all the custom buttons to make the camera as easy to use as possible.

The only downside was that the camera has proved so popular that they had sold out at the show so it will be 7-10 days before it arrives !

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