From the other side of the camera….

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From the other side of the camera…

Well, just over a week ago my daughter got married 🙂 I’m just about catching up with everything and thought I would write a bit about being the Mother of the Bride.

I think it is fair to say that I have been to a lot of weddings. One of the things you notice most is how time flies and the mad panic rush trying to get everyone ready to leave. With this in mind Holly and I put together a schedule for everyones hair and¬†makeup to make sure that no-one had to rush and we could keep it “calm”. Our schedule started at 8am…..

Just before 8am I heard these excited screams coming down the path as most of the bridesmaids arrived. They hadn’t been allowed to see Holly’s dress before and had all taken guesses at what it would look like and couldn’t wait to get inside !

Jo, Holly’s maid of honour, was last to arrive. She had fallen from her horse a few days before and had a bad break to her knee; the doctors at the hospital had agreed to delay surgery, put her leg in a full length cast and allow her out of hospital for the day to attend the wedding. I know she was in an awful lot of pain but she really did help to make the day amazing.

The hair and makeup all went smoothly and all the bridesmaids were ready ahead of schedule….. I didn’t realise quite how nervous I would feel (and in all the planning I hadn’t worked out when I should get ready but that bit just happened !). When it came to doing up the back of Holly’s dress I struggled with the buttons; I just couldn’t stop my hands shaking. I thought I would be immune to these nerves after seeing so many other weddings but when it is YOUR daughter on her wedding day it is so very different. Luckily Claire, our photographer, was able to step in and get most of the buttons done up for me otherwise I think we would have been there for another half an hour !

It did feel a bit odd to start with not taking photographs (I will admit to taking a sneaky few very early on with my iPhone) but as soon as Claire arrived I put it away and just enjoyed being part of the day rather than an observer.

The ceremony all went smoothly, I think one of my lasting memories will be Holly and Phill walking down the aisle together in tears, seeing Claire in tears whilst photographing them and Dorians face as he saw them walking towards him….

Then came the photographs…. Claire worked with Paul the toastmaster to get everyone together for the group photos and I will say it felt odd actually being in them ! Then, when Claire took holly and Dorian off for their photographs alone, I made sure that I had some Pimms, ate some canap√©s and chatted to friends and family that I hadn’t seen for a while…

The day really does fly past, Holly and Dorian just looked so happy together and I don’t think either of them stopped smiling (apart from ¬†the tears at emotional points!) all day. I don’t have any photos to add to this post because I didn’t take any so I’m looking forward to seeing everyone else’s !

Personally I would like to say a big thank you to all the suppliers who helped make their day so wonderful :

Emma Tindley – the dress was stunning !

Wiston House – a big thank you to Amanda and all the team; I’ve seen you working from both sides now and know how much work you all put in !

Claire Hill – Not just a photographer but a very good friend as well 🙂 (A sneak peak of the photos can be found on Facebook here)

Ionnis Crouch – Someone else we have worked with on several occasions and a great videographer 🙂

Paul Smith – I really do think that a toastmaster is one of the most undervalued people at a wedding but a good on like Paul really will make your day run smoothly.

Amanda Samain – When Amanda does your makeup you know it will look as good at the end of the evening as it did at the start of the day !