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SWPP Convention 2014

Well, I’m back from the SWPP Convention and almost unpacked. I now have loads to do this week to email out notes to everyone that attended my masterclasses 🙂

The talks I gave this year were completely new so it did mean quite a bit of work to get them all ready and I was even tweaking them when I arrived…. another thing I needed to do was to go and find some locations in the hotel that I could use for my Low Light demonstrations…. I ended up choosing some fairly dingy corridors so that I could show what you can achieve with a single downlighter or fairly dark window…..

I must say a big thank you to everyone that attended my masterclasses; there are so many to choose from each year and it was lovely to see the rooms so full each time; especially at 8am on a Friday morning ! Each masterclass lasts for 1.5 hrs which really isn’t very long, and not nearly long enough to cover the subjects in the detail that I would like to so I will be running some full day training courses during the year. I do also offer one to one training for photographers throughout the year, please contact me for more details.

This year I managed to walk round the trade show without spending any money 🙂 (although there is a new product coming in February that is on my must buy list !) It was great to catch up with the people from Album Epoca; the company that I use to supply all our gorgeous wedding albums. They have some new products that will be launched later this year that fit in so well with the newborn photography that I have been doing recently, as soon as they are available I will let you know !

There was a real buzz at the convention this year and I think the year ahead is going to be very interesting.

If you are looking for a good model than I would recommend Della Maylan; she is based near Hull/Grimsby but does travel. It was lovely to work with her for the Low Light masterclass, very patient to allow everyone who wanted to take photographs to get the chance !

Anyway; these are just a few of the photographs from my masterclass “Who Turned the Lights Out ?” – based on low light photography at weddings 🙂

SWPP 2014 - Low Light Wedding Photography

This photograph was taken just using the light from one window in a corridor… It has been edited in Photoshop using Nik ColorEfex

SWPP 2014 - Low Light Weddings

This was taken in a very narrow corridor from quite a low angle using a 16-35 f2.8 lens. Della was lit using the light from the downlighter you can see in the photograph. Again edited in Photoshop with Nik ColorEfex.

SWPP 2014 - Wedding Masterclass

These two are straight from camera with white balance adjustments… it got a bit crowded in the corridors but it was great fun !

SWPP 2014 Wedding Masterclass


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