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National Childbirth Trust Calendar

Well, today I have finished photographing the babies for the NCT Calendar. This goes to print this week and will be on sale at the weekend 🙂 The money from the sale of this goes directly to the NCT to help raise funds for them to continue their brilliant work.

It has been fascinating talking to all the Mums that have come in with their babies, one theme that runs through is that it is the friendship and support from the group members that makes the NCT what it is. Having someone you can chat to that knows exactly what you are going through, what it feels like when it gets to 4am and you haven’t really had any sleep and the fact that breast feeding doesn’t always come naturally or easily !

I have loved every minute of photographing these babies. Yes, most of them wee all over the props or me but hey, everything is washable ! I love the way tiny babies sleep, they always looks so peaceful and innocent….. and then you hear quite how powerful their lungs are !

Photographing newborn babies isn’t a five minute thing. Each session can take 2-3 hours so we allow plenty of time. We have spare nappies, baby wipes, nappy bags and plenty of tea and coffee ! The editing of the photographs often takes longer than the photography, little babies are well known for coming out in rashes and spots, after all their skin hasn’t been exposed to air for that long. I am very careful with the editing, you may not want to see every spot and scratch but you also don’t want to end up with a “plastic” baby. After I have done the initial “tidy up” I can then add some of the more artistic effects that take this from a photograph to something you would love to have up on the wall of your home 🙂

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