Technical – Lightroom 4

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Well, I have loaded the latest version of Lightroom and I must say so far I’m impressed. The develop module has been changed although you won’t see the changed panel until you update your images to use the latest process engine…

There is now also support for some basic corrections for video as well. This will (hopefully) make it far easier to match the look of finished video to that of the stills, especially on white balance and colour tone..

The changes in the process engine make it far easier to “pull” more dynamic range from an image. To test this I used an image taken at sunset of the South Downs, the sky was still quite bright but the landscape was lost in shadow.

These images show the photograph straight from camera (no adjustments added) and then with adjustments added from Lightroom 4 to show quite what detail you can pull out of a single RAW file.

This photograph was shot at ISO100 f8 1/30 sec using the Canon 5d2 and the Canon 24-70 f2.8 lens.

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