SWPP Convention 2015 – Exciting times !

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SWPP Convention 2015

I was thrilled to be asked to speak at the SWPP convention again in January. This is the largest annual photographic convention in Europe 🙂 This year I will be speaking on three days and presenting two masterclasses and a superclass.

The Superclass is something new for me at the convention and something I’m really looking forward to. Places are limited to 15 people (about 15,000 normally attend the convention !) so it allows far more interaction than a masterclass typically does; this makes it far closer to the training days that I run for photographers during the year.

My superclass is aimed at showing photographers how to work in low light at any sort of venue. I work at real venues with real couples rather than just magazine venues with models so I will be showing people how to get the most of of any location 🙂 This will be a very hands on class with the delegates doing far more of the photography than me ! It will start with a talk on using your camera at high ISO settings (ISO3200 and above) and how to get it right so the post processing is easier. We will then be heading out in to the hotel to put in to practice what I have covered in the talk. The final part of the session will be to come back and edit some of the images that have been shot to show what you can create when you feel you have less than an ideal location.

I’m also happy to answer any questions as they arise; there are no so secrets in my business that I’m not willing to share with delegates and I provide a download link to my notes, presentation and other useful info after the talk 🙂

The photos below show what you can do in a Premier Inn (one of them shows the corridor we were using !). You will need to bring along a camera, a single 24-70 lens or similar would be fine and a sense of adventure !

Click here for class details 🙂

SWPP Training - Wedding Window Light SWPP Training - Downlighter SWPP Training - Downlighter SWPP training - location ! SWPP training - off camera flash SWPP training - setup shot SWPP training - venue

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