Bluebird K3 Bewl Water

Bluebird K3 – Back on the water again !

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Bluebird K3

Yesterday was a bit different from the weddings and portraits that we have been doing recently.

We have now been working for two years filming and photographing Sir Malcolm Campbells K3 Bluebird boat as it has made its way back on to water and running again.

Yesterday was a test run for K3 Bluebird; the last time it was on water the prop shaft sheared so the boat had to go back to the workshop for a new prop shaft and also to have some shear pins fitted so that if the load on the prop shaft became that great again the shear pins would break before the prop shaft; this helps to minimise the potential damage that a failure like this can inflict…. Some other changes made since the last run included a new starter motor so they all need testing under load…

When we arrived at Bewl Water yesterday morning it was cloaked in mist, we could see this clearing by the minute and watched it gradually lift.

Nothing is easy with a boat like K3 and yesterday did present its own challenges; the first being getting it off the trailer ! After a hammer was introduced to the winch… and with the help of two 4×4 vehicles K3 did make it in to the water.

The runs went well and the shear pins were tested 😉

These are a couple of photos from the day, the first showing the mist over Bewl and the second K3 on one of its runs 🙂

Bluebird K3 Bewl Water

Bluebird K3 Bewl Water

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